The Growth Project: Day 7

Today was Day 7 of the Growth Project, and this is how it turned out:

1. Mindfulness

As soon as I woke up, I felt mentally foggy and drowsy as hell, so I immediately did a metta meditation for 10 minutes on the Waking Up app, and it really helped with clarity of mind.

2. Health/ Exploration

For brain health, I took my daily supplements, which consists of fish oil, Matter, Turmeric, and vitamin D.

3. Computer Science/ Software Engineering

I wasn’t able to get to this today ):

4. Writing

I wrote today’s post!

5. Reading

I listened to a beginning portion of James Clear’s Atomic Habits and learned about what habits are on a fundamental level and how to set up your good habits to be easier and more fulfilling and how to make bad habits cost more and more difficult.

6. Music

I wasn’t able to find time to play any music today. ):

7. Juggling

I juggled for about 15 minutes today, felt a little rusty but still got some grinding in.

8. Cooking/Diet

This morning I made some tea, my brain smoothie, and an omelette with cheese and spinach. I had a little breakfast burrito thing that my roommate's made for lunch.

9. Typing

I practiced typing with the home row for about 20 minutes, average wpm up to 37!

10. Social Skills

I wasn’t able to get to this today ):

I am a meditator, reader, listener, and more! I am focusing on personal growth and writing. Much love! ❤