In social interactions, sometimes I’m super outgoing and hyper, sometimes I’m reserved and anxious. I feel like my level of openness varies based on my unique subconscious analysis of the person I’m talking to. Everyone probably does this to some degree, but if I have a perception of obvious hostility…

My Take on Free Will

I have yet to fully flesh out my own take on free will. I have had some interesting conversations about it and some in-depth analysis thanks to Sam Harris’s conversations and book about the topic.

From my personal experience it seems to me that thoughts, intentions, cravings, etc. arise from…

Last night and today I did some reflection on my goals, habits, and purpose. I’ve decided that this project is putting a little bit of strain on my well-being and I think in order for me to hone in and focus on what I want to do in order to advance my life, I am gonna be ceasing the project. I will continue to write on medium because it is a great platform and I’ve discovered an interest for it. I’ll continue to measure my progress with a habit tracker, however, I will not be writing posts and sharing them each day. This was a very fun experiment and thanks everyone for tuning in!

Aric Schmeets

I am a meditator, reader, listener, and more! I am focusing on personal growth and writing. Much love! ❤

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